More iPhone rumors, Android as a malware tool + LinkedIn’s big bet on HTML5


Your Thursday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Apple Rumor Patrol: The Next iPhone Is Coming Soon–And It’s Skinnier Than Don Draper’s Tie (via Fast Company)
Jeremy Horowitz, editor of says the new phone will indeed be a radical overhaul in design, sporting a taller chassis and being skinnier in depth with an overall size of 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm–a centimeter longer and 2mm thinner than the current one, which is about a 20% drop.

You’ll never believe how LinkedIn built its new iPad app (via VentureBeat)
Only one screen in the entire LinkedIn iPad app is actually native. The rest is good ol’ HTML5-based mobile web technology, running in the browser and leaning heavily on Node.js.

A first: Hacked sites with Android drive-by download malware (via ZDNet)
We’ve already seen websites that host Android drive-by download malware. Now, cyber criminals are experimenting with hacking legitimate websites to achieve the same means at a larger scale.

Harris: 20% Of US Consumers Buy Via Mobile; 62% Couldn’t Care Less (via TechCrunch)
Harris’ numbers, which are based on a poll of nearly 2,000 users, take into account both smartphone and regular phone owners, and are doubtless skewed by the fact that low-end device owners are being considered here as well.

Pair Raises $4.2M to Help Couples Connect (via BetaKit)
Pair launched in March and since then has had 220,000 downloads. Kostour says the concept of communication geared specifically for couples has really caught on with consumers and now that the first wave is over the team can focus on bettering the product.

Mobile Developers: Have a Business and Marketing Plan to Make Money (via ReadWriteWeb)
Dan Rowinski expands on a point made by our very own Jeff Bacon earlier this week.

How Two Startups Are Joining Forces To Fix the Mobile Silo Problem (via PandoDaily)
Double Fine, the studio that made waves in February for its insanely record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, has found a clever solution via a partnership with Zipline Games, a Seattle-based gaming company that offers a mix of cloud optimization with a cross-platform framework for game developers called Moai.

Foursquare’s Mid-flight Fatigue (via Fast Company)
Foursquare has entered the mostly uneventful period between takeoff and landing. And one of its earliest employees, Tristan Walker, has left the comfort of its cruising altitude in search of the next rocket ride. Related: Where’s The Money? Episode #11 – Foursquare

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