Mobile Second Cup – the top MWC apps, app SEO + devs have access to iOS photo library and location history


The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

March 7 it is: Apple confirms iPad event (via GigaOM)
The picture included in the invitation shows what appears to be the bottom dock of an iPad. And as many have observed, the screen resolution looks a good bit sharper than the display of the iPad 2. A hint at the long-expected (and long-wished for) Retina Display?

Permission loophole gives developers access to iOS photo library and location history (via BGR)
“After a user allows an application on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to have access to location information, the app can copy the user’s entire photo library, without any further notification or warning,” app developers confirmed to the Times. After an application gains permission to access location services, it can then gain access to photo and video files, which typically include the coordinates of the location at which they were taken.

Apps Round-up From The Streets Of Barcelona (via TechCrunch)
A pretty comprehensive list of the mobile apps and startups pawning their wares at Mobile World Congress.

ASO (App Store Optimization) Is The New SEO, And Here’s A Tool To Do It (via TechCrunch)
To use the tool, developers enter their app’s URL, and those from their competitors. The software will then analyze the metadata of the apps entered and make recommendations as to the most important keywords to use. This will help you see, for example, if your competitors are focusing on a particular keyword that you may be missing. It will also show you how frequently that term is being searched across app stores.

Marketing Your App: Find Market Weaknesses and Exploit Them (via ReadWriteWeb)
App publishers are rapidly approaching an inflection point where download volumes will not fluctuate on a month-to-month basis but continue to rise as smartphones and tablets find their way to more people. With more smartphones and more apps the competition to remain relevant in the marketplace will become difficult. Overall that means that marketers will need to spend more and become more efficient in targeting loyal users.

AT&T’s Dual-Sided Pipe is Bad for Developers (via ReadWriteWeb)
Our very own Jeff Bacon has his own take on the matter.

That’s it: Tablets on contract should be abolished! (via GigaOM)
One of the many reasons why Android tablets aren’t selling well: a secondary device with a contract simply isn’t as appealing as a contract-free slate or smartphone.

With new app, Sharypic aims to be Instagram for events (via GigaOM)
The site, which is based in Paris but was funded by pan-European incubator HackFWD, offers a twist on the formula by focusing on events rather than people. The system is organized around real-world happenings, with pictures collated into albums that build events either by taking your location data or by users explicitly adding their images to a particular event.

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