Mobile Retail: The Destination is You

Since the time of the Roman Empire, retail has been synonymous with destinations. Whether a small shop, department store, big box outlet or even a URL, shopping through the ages has been about us, as consumers, going somewhere to get something. Thanks to technology, our concept of “destination” is being forever eradicated. Increasingly, it will be the products and services themselves that seek us out in a contextual and synchronous way.

All this will present unique and historic challenges and opportunities to brands and retailers seeking to connect with consumers along their path to purchase.

The Destination is You examines the historic relationship between shopping and destination. It provides clear examples of the mobile technologies that are forever shifting its definition and the unprecedented opportunities this will present for retailers to reinvent the strategic value of their stores – both on and offline.


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Panel Discussion:

Doug Stephens – Founder, Retail Prophet
Kevin Lister – CEO, Moxery
Adam Cooper – Mobile Team Lead, Canadian Tire

Moderator: Melody Adhami – President, Plastic Mobile

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