Mobile Morning Coffee (02/10/12)

The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.


CHART OF THE DAY: What If Apple Transferred $1 Billion In Profits To Foxconn Workers? (via Business Insider)
The average wage of a Foxconn worker would double, while Apple’s profits would barely be affected.

Second Google Wallet security vulnerability confirmed, affects all users (via The Verge)
The “attack” works thusly: if somebody takes your phone, he or she can go into the app settings for Google Wallet and tap “Clear data.” This will erase all of the Google Wallet data stored on the phone. When that person then opens Google Wallet, it offers its initial setup process again, including setting up a new PIN and tying Google Wallet to a Google account.

LinkedIn Will Introduce Ads To Mobile Apps (via TechCrunch)
During yesterday’s analyst call to discuss its fourth quarter earnings, LinkedIn executives said they will also be introducing advertising to their mobile apps.

This man wants to kill QR codes. Can he do it? (via GigaOM)
The app, Shortcut, allows users to take a photo of newspaper pieces, magazine articles, advertisements and even billboards and then link them straight to a digital version on their phone.

If 2 GB is excessive, why is AT&T selling 3-GB mobile data plans? (via GigaOM)
This is why people hate carriers.

Cinemagram Turns iPhone Photos Into Animated Gifs In Seconds
The new app was designed by the Montreal-based startup called Factyle, Inc., which you may know as the makers of Smart.

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