Mobile Minute #105: Banner ads suck, don’t let them stay in mobile

Here’s a perfect example of something that doesn’t belong on a mobile device – banner ads. They are silly, we all hate them, they are ineffective (a 98% non-click-through rate) and are not appropriate for this medium. Not only that, they are on a steep decline in a race to $0. So why do we put up with them? Better yet, why do companies like Opera spend money to get into this business? When do we start to see true innovative thinking and bust out of the legacy, lazy way we’ve been doing it up until now?

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  • Banner adds drive me nuts. I have never once in my life looked at a banner on the mobile or the desktop and clicked on it. I personally think that all they care about is impressions, how many people can I get to look at this banner so we burn our product into their eyes. I don’t think they care about click through as much but it is their just in case the user does want to click it.

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