How a mobile game is changing children’s eating habits – with Smash Your Food co-founders Marta and Frederic De Wulf

We’ve come to realize very quickly that mobile can help change behaviour a number of ways. One of the largest behavioural influences mobile has brought forward is the democratization and gamification of learning – two trends that can only be good for both the industry and for education.

One perfect example of this in action is nutrition. At one point a domain for experts, mobile is bringing a broader-than-base-level awareness and understanding of the foods we eat and their impact on our body. Now, with the help of iPad game Smash Your Food, you can help educate children on the perils of junk food.

Smash Your Food was built by the husband and wife team of Marta and Frederic De Wulf and has recently won Michelle Obama’s Apps for Healthy Children award. If you’ve ever wondered what mobile’s true impact can be you will want to watch this episode. How did this idea come to fruition – why they started down this path of nutrition education through mobile, what some of the lessons they learned as they started building, deploying and selling their application, why they put the focused effort they did into the production of the app and what their distribution strategy is.

If you are interested in mobile or interested in understanding how mobile can become a powerful tool for mass education, sit back and watch this episode!


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About Marta and Frederic De Wulf
Marta and Frederic Dewulf Smash Your Food Marta and Frederic De Wulf’s company Octave Media created Smash Your Food™ as part of the Food N’ Me™ interactive family nutrition experience.  Smash Your Food™ reveals the amounts of sugar, salt, and oil in foods ‘commonly abused’ by American children, and was inspired by collaboration with scientific advisor Universcience.

“Why didn’t anyone teach me basic nutrition when I was in 2nd grade and began to gain weight?”, one of Marta’s 32-year-old obese client asked.  Marta made it her “civic duty” to teach 2nd graders nutrition.  She created and taught a nutrition program to 3,000 children 5-12 years old.  Her program’s success prompted Marta and Frederic to make it available to millions of families. Combining Marta’s nutrition experience with Frederic’s digital experience, the Food N’ Me™ table was set!

Marta De Wulf, a nutritionist of 20 years, helps clients discover the power of making healthy choices. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University and postgraduate studies in Australia and New Zealand. 

Frederic De Wulf, CEO of Octave Media, brings 30 years’ experience as a Microsoft executive and at Turner Broadcasting, creating groundbreaking digital experiences and productions with Bill Moyers, Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic.

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