Mobile 3.0 is here, Google Play is Broken + Apple Rumor Patrol


Your Wednesday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Apple Rumor Patrol: Here Come The iPad Minis And New iPhones–But There Goes NFC? (via Fast Company)
Apple rumors are often so much digital smoke blowing in the breeze, but a new crop have some real weight behind them and may be giving us clues about Apple’s upcoming new hardware.

Mobile 3.0 arrives: How Qualcomm just showed us the future of the cell phone (and why iPhone sucks for this new contextual age) (via Scobleizer)
The world just changed yesterday. You probably didn’t notice. But I guarantee strategists at Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google did. What happened? Qualcomm shipped a new contextual awareness platform for cell phones.

3 Ways To Fix Google Play (via Fast Company)
It’s not the lack of app that hurts Google’s Play Store. It’s the finding, rating, and fixing of them. Here’s what developers and analysts see as Play’s must-fix items.

Facebook Releases Biggest iOS SDK Update Ever, Plus iOS 6 Hooks And iOS Dev Center (via TechCrunch)
Facebook has just released a major overhaul of its software development kit (SDK) for iOS, including support for the forthcoming iOS 6, plus a new iOS Dev Center that includes documentation and resources for developers. Facebook promises the new features in the SDK will make it easier to develop Facebook-integrated mobile apps.

Three out of every five major patent suits involve Apple (via BGR)
Per Bloomberg, new research from intellectual property consulting firm Kanzatec IP Group shows that Apple is involved in a whopping 60% of all major wireless patent suits filed over the past two years, including disputes with Android device manufacturers HTC, Samsung and Motorola, as well as with Kodak and Elan. Kanzatec senior vice president Feisal Mosleh says that he “would speculate that Apple will continue to be at the center of the litigation map of large mobile IT companies for as long as it maintains its dominant place in the market.”

China’s Top Mobile Ad Network, I-Media, Picks Up $20M From Kleiner Perkins, IDG (via TechCrunch)
China is currently the largest mobile market in the world, and that is having a knock on effect on mobile investments into startups in the country: I-Media, a mobile ad network that claims to be China’s largest with projected 2012 revenues of RMB 300 million ($47 million), today formally announced that it has picked up a $20 million Series B round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers with participation from previous investor IDG. To date, it’s raised $30 million.

At This Point, RIM’s Shareholders Are Getting What They Deserve (via PandoDaily)
RIM’s shareholders decided that logic is no fun, and that reason is a downer. What indicated this? Only that the board of directors would be re-elected with nary a word of complaint. Yes, this is the same board that has let the company slip into the abyss, that is hopelessly tied to the past, that was unable to protect the company from the onslaught of iOS and Android, and that has overseen the impressive slide of the stock price. It’s flabbergasting.

Mobile health is taking off but what’s still in its way? (via GigaOM)
If you’re interested in this, our recent interview is worth a watch.

Square: The Mega-Disrupter Everyone Wants to Be In, Even the Investors Who Keep Passing (via PandoDaily)
Will mobile phones finish a job that’s barely even been started? You can easily come up with a bullish case. There are more mobile phones on the planet than toilets. It’s the first time a presumed “cash killer” has come close to global ubiquity — stretching into the farthest reaches of the globe, the tiniest villages, the poorest slums. Like water through rocks, mobile phones have worked their way into places that computers, banks, and even electricity has not.

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