Mapping Data is a Marketer’s Dream – with Asif Khan

What’s this? A second TWiLBM episode in the same week? Not quite. What we have here is a live chat between between the two stalwart This Week in Location Based Marketing hosts, filmed during one of the many UNTETHER.talks networking breaks.

Asif was fresh off his wonderful Death of GEO #Utalks keynote, and the conversation continued along that theme: the future of LBM is more than check-ins or even mobile, it’s pervasive and ubiquitous marketing content across all screens, fuelled by M2M (machine to machine) communications. What does that look like? In the video above, Asif explains that every marketer’s dream is a endless stream of real-time data and marketing content mapped to a location, but the dream is far from reality. While obvious players like Facebook and Google are in the mix to bring about a new age in marketing, it may require carriers to step in an leverage their vast stores of data – and who wants that, really?

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas is the former Editor-In-Chief of Inside BlackBerry, BlackBerry Cool, and QuicklyBored, which he launched as a mobile gaming industry site. His knowledge of mobile and social media led him to a job at RIM (BlackBerry), where he got to travel the world and do lots of cool things. He is often left-handed, but rarely sinister.

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