m-Pulse Episode #7: Mobile voice with Kenn Harper of Nuance + Android’s growth in Europe and Asia + Is it time to kill banner ads in mobile

Welcome to our new show – m-pulse – the show that explores the most important ideas not getting their fair shake in other outlets, brings in depth interviews with the minds shaping the mobile industry and highlights some of the companies or products that have moved the industry forward.

This is our final episode of our deep dive into the impact that voice is having on the mobile industry. Our guest for this episode is Kenn Harper, Director of Product Management for Nuance Mobile, a company that has been doing voice since mobile has been capable of doing voice. Kenn discusses security, privacy and the larger business model around voice.

In our “big ideas” segment, Peggy breaks down the numbers, this time around Android penetration in Europe and Asia and Rob rails on banner ads as a lazy advertising tool in mobile.

Episode #7

Recorded: February 23, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Peggy Anne Salz

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