m-Pulse #17: Insights into the App Economy by Lightspeed Research + Tomi Ahonen on Amazon and the Appcircus app of the week

m-Pulse is the show that provides companies and mobile developers with everything they need to know to encourage users to download, engage with and monetize their apps.

Episode #17

Released: June 15, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Peggy Anne Salz

On today’s episode we get deep in the app economy thanks to the latest report released by Lightspeed Research. There are a number of trends that are emerging now that we’ve got some miles beneath us and that is the focus. The difference between Android and iOS as well as smartphones and tablets is very obvious and something all developers should be considering when building out product on the various platforms. We highlight a few of the key trends that grabbed our attention that are relevant to developers around the world.

Our special guest is Tomi Ahonen and in our second segment (of 3!) we turn our attention to the next phase of Amazon’s retail and cloud domination and what their mobile strategy may look like. Does RIM have a chance to rebound and how do developers benefit from their recent moves. Should Nokia get into the tablet business and how is Samsung using Nokia’s old business model to dominate device sales.

We also continue our app travels with Around the world in 80 Apps, with our new partner, AppCircus. Co-founder Rudy De Waele joins us to talk up Bear Care, an augmented reality game from Lithuania.

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