Localmind co-founder Lenny Rachitsky’s 3 takeaways for any product launch (Part 2)

It’s always great to be able to feature a company for a second time here for obvious reasons – the primary being that they are still growing and thriving! Bringing someone back also gives us an opportunity to dive into the assumptions they made the first time and see where they’ve landed today – did their vision hold true?

Localmind is another company brave enough to come back and talk about the changes between the first version of their product and version 2.0 that was released today. This time I got to sit with the other co-founder, Lenny Rachitsky (see his co-founder, Beau Haugh’s episode from last May here).

This is the second segment of this episode (Part 1: Localmind co-founder Lenny Rachitsky talks version 2.0) where the conversation focuses on the changes in the industry over the past year that have influenced their product decisions, the competitive landscape and Localmind’s differentiation, the impact that voice will have on search and their business, the revenue potential for Localmind, plus Lenny leaves us with 3 lessons his team learned while building and deploying Localmind 2.0.

Lenny is the prototype of the mobile entrepreneur – open, candid and able to admit the lessons they’ve learned as they grow their business.


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About Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny RachitskyCo-founder of Localmind

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