LightSquared is bankrupt, Facebook’s app play + the end of Google Maps?


Your Monday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

It’s official: LightSquared goes bankrupt. What’s next? (via GigaOM)
Hours away from defaulting on its debt, LightSquared filed for bankruptcy protection Monday afternoon. What’s next? The company has said it would use the shelter of the voluntary Chapter 11 filing to buy time in its fight to build its nationwide LTE network, but given how slim its chances are of winning that fight, this could just be a prelude to a liquidation of assets.

LightSquared’s bankruptcy is Washington’s failure too (via GigaOM)
Maybe it would have failed for economic reasons if it had ever gotten off the ground, but before it got that far it fell victim to D.C. politics, spectrum warfare, and interests that don’t want more competition in the wireless industry.

Facebook Permeates Everything; App Center Will Be Its Mobile Extension (via ReadWriteWeb)
Facebook will soon have an application store…well, not exactly. Facebook will soon have an application repository. A display showcase. Essentially, Facebook will turn itself into an application hub – a traffic director for social apps and games across any device and any platform. This is not the rumored “end-run around Apple’s App Store” that many talk about; rather, App Center is a unique proposition, and one that is 100% Facebook.

iOS 6 “Sundance” And The Sunsetting Of Google Maps (via TechCrunch)
Let’s assume that alongside this change, Apple will also be replacing the default hooks in the iOS SDK that currently use Google Maps. This is a big deal for third party developers. While some choose to use other maps APIs (like Bing Maps, for example), the vast majority go with Google Maps because it’s baked right in and easy to hook up. If that changes…

Mobile Backstage Raises $1.4M to Expand Fan Engagement Network (via BetaKit)
Finnish startup Mobile Backstage is one of a number of companies offering artists mobile fan community engagement apps on a white-label basis, similar to U.S.-based Mobile Roadie and ShoutEm. Mobile Backstage thinks it has a markedly different approach to helping connect bands with fans, however, and a new $1.4 million investment from Finnerva, Miston and various angel investors should help it with its goals of expanding its reach.

American Express Leverages Spending History, Location For Mobile Deals You Actually Care About (via Fast Company)
My Offers taps what AmEx calls the “spend graph” to give cardmembers access to deals and discounts at nearby merchants. And it knows your mom couldn’t care less about getting 50% off tickets to a three-day electro-fest.

How’s The Gold Rush Panning Out? 70% Of Mobile App Users Pay Little Or Nothing, Study Says (via TechCrunch)
According to a recent study of US consumers conducted by ABI, some 70 percent of mobile app users spend “either nothing or very little” on or in applications. It turns out that, much like gambling or gaming, the mobile app market of today relies mostly big-spending “whales” to account for a bulk of its direct sales. The highest-spending three percent of all app users account for nearly 20 percent of the total spend in the market, ABI said.

Why Tech’s Hunger For Overnight Hits Is Bad For Business (via Fast Company)
As digital culture has become mainstream culture–pushed along by, yes, Apple and its now masterfully calibrated launch events–the iPod’s slow start would make it a dud today, the TouchPad of music players (remember HP’s ill-fated tablet? Me neither). Tech has now become about hits.

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