How publishers are leading the way in the HTML5 vs Native app debate – with InMobi’s Carnet Williams

There seems to be a shift happening for the first time since the promise of HTML5 landed on the mobile doorstep over 2 years ago. Companies are moving away from native apps and putting their full efforts behind the nascent promise of the latest “build once” language – and you’ll be surprised at the companies that are leading the way.

Fragmentation in mobile is an understatement these days and we are witnessing the effects of that as companies are trying to figure out the answer the the HTML5 vs. native app question. A number of publishers – including the Financial Times of London, Technology Review, NSFW and The Toronto Star – have moved over to HTML5 as their mobile publishing platform of choice instead of the costly alternative of native apps.

Is this HTML5’s debutante ball? Is this leading shift an indication of things to come? Is there a more definitive answer to that age-old question of when to go HTML5 and when to go native yet? That’s why we tracked down Carnet Williams, founder of Sprout (an InMobi company) and HTML5 soothsayer from Bangalore, India to get answers these questions and more.

Carnet’s first episode on UNTETHER, Sprout: Why HTML 5 is the natural choice for in app advertising – with co-founder Carnet Williams, is the 5th most watched episode of all time.


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About Carnet Williams
Carnet Williams Sprout InMobi Prior to Sprout, Carnet built and sold several Facebook applications, founded ChipIn (a widget-based fundraising service), was a professional snowboarder, and ran International Trade Policy for The Nature Conservancy. Carnet has over a decade of experience in the high-tech and Internet industries, having been the Director of Business Development at TurboLinux, a Linux OS and enterprise solutions startup, and the co-founder of NetCorps, a nonprofit technology assistance organization in Oregon. Carnet graduated from the University of Berkeley and has a law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law.

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