How the mobile wallet is helping VISA knock out its biggest competitor: Cash – with Tom Purves

You can’t think of mobile payments, mobile commerce or mobile transactions without thinking about the current leaders in the fulfillment space and, specifically, VISA. Brand trust and acceptance puts VISA, by default, as the leader here but they aren’t just sitting back and letting the innovation happen elsewhere.

Tom Purves, Senior Business Leader, Product Innovation & Strategy at Visa, is at the center of the mobile payment maelstrom at the company that invented plastic cash – and the company that will be at the center of the mobile payments revolution as well.

This area is crowded and set to become even more crowded in the months and years to come so how does Visa look at the movement from credit cards to mobile wallets, the competitive landscape of upstart companies trying to disrupt the incumbents, and what is their strategy for moving consumers from browsers to buyers.

It’s all here folks!

This was recorded at the MEF Americas where was the official North American media partner.


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About Tom Purves
Tom PurvesTom is a technology executive specializing digital payment systems, a futurist and sometimes entrepreneur recently based in the great city of San Francisco. Thomas is presently a Senior Business Leader of Product Innovation at Visa Inc. Tom leads Visa’s digital wallet strategy in the converging spaces of mobile, social, online and retail commerce. Prior to joining Visa, Tom helped design and create Canada’s ubiquitous person-to-person email money transfer network and the first online banking service at one of Canada’s largest Banks.

Tom holds an MBA from the University of Toronto and an undergraduate degree from Queen’s University in Canada.

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