How Piictu is balancing attracting users and earning revenue – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 3)

One of the biggest early impacts of mobile has been the creation of the every-person photographer – pictures are now captured, shared, distributed and discarded almost immediately from every corner of the world. As a result, photo sharing applications occupy a considerable amount of the mobile press. Companies are popping up everywhere doing everything from filters to photo sharing. Through all of this experimentation a much larger transformation is happening: The idea that photos are no longer just objects of memory being captured for later reference but objects of interaction for real-time conversation and discussion.

This transformation requires a new approach to the old photo – a platform that is not great for collaboration and self expression and that’s where Piictu comes in.

This is part 3 (of 3) of a deeper dive with Piictu founder Jon Slimak. In this segment the discussion revolves around the mobile photo app world and generating revenue, the ginormous analytics opportunity and how you know if your product has the right product/user fit.

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2 can be found here.


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About Jon Slimak
Jon SlimakI was born in Caracas Venezuela form a Canadien mother and Venezuelan father. I moved to NYC 13 years ago to attend Architecture school at Pratt.

After school I “9 to 9’ed” my way up the nyc corporate architecture ladder before becoming completely disenchanted with the industry and drifting to my own endeavors in technology.

Currently I am CEO of piictu, a mobile visual network for picture interactions that foster collaborative self expression. I am Techstars NYC alumni and feel fortunate to be working with an amazing team.

Among my previous completed projects are are a quick-service hospitality concept in NYC ( and a online sustainable lighting resource platform (

I have extensive design and strategy experience spanning many industries focusing mostly on design, social architecture and technology.

I am passionate about, nondualism, technology, philosophy, electronic music, sea urchin, design, sencha green tea & pancakes.

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