How mobile is changing the healthcare industry – with PerfectServe CEO Terry Edwards

When you look at the complexity of the communications process between doctors, nurses, clinicians and patients you quickly undertand that diagnosis is but the first step in a long chain of telephone calls, emails, written notes and text messages. All of this relies on humans. All of this ads to the burden of the medical industry – it almost seems to be a necessary and painful tax on top of the actual diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s a true test of the power of mobile. Can it attack an acute but very important problem that, up until now, has been so human-reliant regardless of the technology being thrown at it. Automating tasks in the medical industry is an incredible challenge and one that Perfectserve and Terry Edwards have been doing for over a decade. As with many industries a certain catalyst for change is happening as more and more doctors start carrying and using smartphones as a means of staying connected to their office and patients. These devices seem like a natural tool to use to automate and streamline a huge pain point.

In this episode we hear the history of Perfectserve and the process by which they’ve brought mobile enablement into the hospitals they are working with and the impact (staggering!) it is having on this very important communications stream. We also go a little beyond today’s challenges and look at a future where mobile enables better health diagnosis at the home, enables preventative medical intervention and what it will take to get there.

About Terry Edwards
Terry Edwards Perfectserve Terrell “Terry” Edwards is the founding CEO and visionary behind PerfectServe’s industry-leading clinical communication and information delivery platform. Starting in 1997, Edwards invented and developed PerfectServe’s original applications. Since that time, he has successfully guided the company’s national expansion into more than 150 U.S. markets and attracted more than $30 million in venture capital to fuel PerfectServe’s growth.

A hands-on executive, Edwards has over 15 years of expertise in the design and deployment of technology-enabled solutions in clinical environments.

Prior to PerfectServe, Edwards was introduced to the world of computer-telephony technology at Voice-Tel, Inc., a market pioneer in the interactive voice messaging industry. Before that he co-founded Milepost Corporation, a leading marketing communications firm that served Fortune 500 accounts in the Midwest such as Dana Corporation, Libby Glass, NAPA Auto Parts, Cooper Tire & Rubber and a variety of automotive industry manufacturing firms.

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