How JetBlue Airways uses mobile to create loyalty and drive revenue – with Jonathan Stephen, head of mobile

How does an airline use mobile to engage and service its customers?

Jonathan Stephen is head of mobile for JetBlue Airways and he lets us in on how this progressive and service oriented company has adopted mobile as part of their day-to-day operations. Jonathan knows his mobile and is bringing that considerable expertise to the JetBlue mobile strategy – both consumer facing and internal facing.

This episode is focused on the impact that mobile is having on his company as well as where he thinks things will go in the future in the airline industry. This is a considerable and untapped market for savvy entrepreneurs.

This is the second episode Jonathan has been on. His first, An introduction to the Mobile Marketing Association, was when he worked for the Mobile Marketing Association.


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About Jonathan Stephen
Jonathan StephenJonathan Stephen is the Head of Mobile with JetBlue Airways, bringing more than eight years of experience in the mobile industry. In his current role, Jonathan is responsible for driving JetBlue’s overall mobile strategy as well as maintaining and enhancing the products in JetBlue’s mobile ecosystem.

Prior to his tenure with JetBlue, Jonathan was the Director of Global Industry Initiatives with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), where he was responsible for coordinating the various committees of the organization as well as responsible for the MMA’s strategic initiatives, overseeing and publishing guidelines, best practices and educational tools for mobile media and marketing.

Jonathan has had the opportunity to speak at various events throughout Europe, U.S. and Canada, covering various topics around mobile marketing technologies, marketing best practices, and education on effective use of the mobile channel for brands and agencies. His past has also included various roles throughout the mobile ecosystem having worked at companies such as Motorola, Vindigo, and Flurry.

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