How foursquare is changing the game from “search” to “find” – with Holger Luedorf

This is the second of 2 parts with Holger Luedorf, VP Biz Dev at foursquare

Traditional search in under assault. Mobile is shifting consumer behaviour from sitting in front of a stationary screen inputing keywords into a white box to finding contextually relevant results as necessary and on the go. This is an important and significant change as the livelihood of the venerable search companies – Google, Bing, Yahoo – will be challenged by companies like Apple (SIRI) and foursquare.

The shift from “search” to “find” is a subtle change on the surface but significant when you think of the revenue at play. Disrupting search has always been an algorithmic challenge borne often in universities as research projects and each focused on improving results through better cataloguing and inference. Mobile takes that to a completely different level.

The act of search is about distilling results – removing the ones that aren’t relevant and displaying only the ones that are. Hard to do based on random or broad keywords. Context – location, time of day and weather layered on top of a social graph for example – works to eliminate non-relevant resources right away. This streamlines the results without the user having to sift and it also helps with discovery – something foursquare is focusing on with their 20 million users, 2 billion check in’s and 40 million locations.

In this second segment with Holger we explore the impact of the shift from “search” to “find” and how that aids in discovery, the coming voice revolution brought on by SIRI, the foursquare monetization strategy, their “other platform” strategy (expanding into cars) and what business category Holger is excited to see leveraging the foursquare API.

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About Holger Luedorf
Holger Luedorf Foursquare Holger is VP of Mobile & International for foursquare. He has held positions in internet and mobile services since 1998. Before joining foursquare, Holger worked at Yahoo Mobile as a Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, responsible for all of Yahoo’s strategic partnerships with global OEMs. Prior to Yahoo Mobile, Holger worked at T-Mobile International and Red Message. Holger holds a German Diplom in Business and Japanese from Hochschule Bremen and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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