Facebook’s mobile ads, Scobleizer’s new book + there’s no Instagram for video


Your Wednesday Morning Coffee: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Facebook Earns 58% More Per Ad Than Last Year, Mobile Ads Clicked 4X More Than Twitter Ads (via TechCrunch)
In addition to having higher CPMs, mobile ads, which were only introduced in June 2012, for now seem to also be impacting overall click-through rates, too. These were up by 31 percent compared to a year ago.

The coming automatic, freaky, contextual world and why we’re writing a book about it (via Scobleizer)
A new world is coming. It’s scary. Freaky. Over the freaky line, if you will. But it is coming. Investors like Ron Conway and Marc Andreessen are investing in it. Companies from Google to startups you’ve never heard of, like Wovyn or Highlight, are building it. With more than a couple of new ones already on the way that you’ll hear about over the next six months.

Socialcam Founder: There Will Be No Instagram of Video (via PandoDaily)
Socialcam CEO and founder Michael Seibal argues that few on his team bought into the hype. “Anyone who knows the video sharing space intimately knows that the comparison to Instagram was a fallacy from the beginning,” says Seibel – apparently someone forgot to tell Viddy’s backers that. “Photography has been mainstream for decades, even before computers. Video creation is still not mainstream. Accordingly, this has always been more of an uphill battle and a long term opportunity than photo sharing.”

PayPal buys credit card scanner Card.io (via GigaOM)
Developers will still get access to Card.io’s video swipe technology, but it’s unclear if that will always be the case. Card.io’s technology allows developers to capture credit card data by having users scan their cards with a smartphone camera. PayPal Here, PayPal’s small business product and Square rival, offered the scanning service to merchants, giving them another way to take credit card payments without the use of a card-reading dongle.

With $6M in Funding, Twist’s App Launches to Tell People When You’ll Arrive (via BetaKit)
Twist does one relatively simple thing, but it does it in an elegant way that takes advantage of the smartphones most people are carrying around in their pocket these days. The app provides ETAs for you and anyone you want to share that with, making it simple to let someone know when you might be arriving and keeping you updated on your progress.

With Crazy-Popular iPhone App, Changba Wins While It’s Singing (via PandoDaily)
On May 31, Zuitao released a sophisticated karaoke app called Changba. Five days later, it was the number one free iPhone app in China. In the month and a half that has since elapsed, it has never left the top five, and on Monday, it was sitting pretty at number three.

AT&T’s Next Ridiculous Move Is Going To Outrage iPhone Users (via Business Insider)
News broke today that AT&T will likely charge iPhone users extra to use FaceTime video chat over cellular (3G or 4G) networks. The change will take place once Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 6, launches for iPhones and iPads this fall.

Kiip Raises $11M to Extend In-App Rewards Beyond Just Mobile Games (via BetaKit)
With Kiip, app developers are provided with an entirely new way to advertise to mobile users by providing them with tangible rewards for their mobile achievements. Developers integrate Kiip’s code into their game or app, and then Kiip helps them to identify these key achievement moments, whether it’s passing a level or amassing a certain number of points. Brands can then begin distributing rewards to their intended demographic.

The mobile operator’s dilemma (and opportunity): The fourth curve
(via GigaOM)
The mobile industry is set to hit what I call its fourth revenue curve, where they will derive their sales from providing services such as payments, software and mHealth as opposed to providing voice, texting or bulk data. How they handle this fourth curve will determine if operators continue to dominate the value chains or become irrelevant. Here’s what’s at stake.

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