Draw Something hits 30M downloads, Nokia’s chance in China + Square vs. PayPal


Your Friday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Don’t call it a game: How Draw Something hit 30 million downloads
(via GigaOM)
The app has generated about 2 billion drawings and is still being played daily by more than half of its users, who are exchanging pictures at a rate of 2,000 to 3,000 a second. And Draw Something, which is adding more than 1 million users a day, is pulling in low six figures in revenue a day, mostly from upgrades but also in-app purchases and advertising.

Rattled by Google’s Motorola buy, Samsung rumored to license BlackBerry 10 (via BGR)
Rumors tossed around Wall Street Friday morning suggest that Samsung is preparing to make a $1.5 billion investment in RIM, which will then license its upcoming next-generation operating system to Samsung for upcoming smartphones.

It’s David vs. Goliath for Square and PayPal (via BetaKit)
PayPal made a point of outlining exactly how many advantages it has on Square. It’s cheaper for merchants to use (flat, all-in fee of 2.7 percent per transaction, versus 2.75 percent for Square), international reach, more flexibility in terms of payment options, and an established name in the online payments industry that’s already in use by millions of customers worldwide.

Twitter: An Increasingly Great Platform For Instagram (via TechCrunch)
Sounds like Eric Eldon watched the most recent Where’s The Money? episode.

Nokia’s 1 billion opportunity: A China Lumia launch> (via GigaOM)
DigiTimes says that China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile will all sell Nokia Lumia handsets; combined, these three operators have nearly 1 billion subscribers. That’s a huge opportunity both for Nokia and for Microsoft, which developed the Windows Phone platform Nokia now uses on new smartphones.

Geode: A Scout Ahead Of The Wireless Payments Revolution (via Fast Company)
It’s a smart iPhone case that has its own screen and a magnetic card reader–swipe all your cards into its system and you don’t need to carry that bulging wallet anymore.

Study: Protecting Corporate Data at Rest is Hard When It Rests on Your Phone (via ReadWriteWeb)
While some 24% of employed adults now store some elements of their companies’ private data on their smartphones, and 10% on their tablets, only 25% of those adults have auto-lock enabled on their smartphones, and 33% have it enabled on their tablets.

Will the iPad spark a new video creation revolution? (via GigaOM)
The new iPad’s combination of a large, high-resolution screen, excellent camera sensor and updated editing software could change the way we think about creating video content with tablets.

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