Brett Serjeantson, CEO of MediaMiser, on the disruptive impact that mobile is having on the PR industry

PR has two important aspects to it – getting it and monitoring it. We are all part of this brand new world where news is so pervasive, so accessible and in such abundance, all thanks to mobile. How has the mobile revolution changed the PR industry? How do these devices help keep us informed, keep our companies in the forefront of the media and help us react faster than ever before?

I asked Brett Serjeantson, founder and CEO of MediaMiser to come on to UNTETHER to help paint the picture of how mobile is changing their business and what is in store now that we are collecting content that needs to be monitored from multiple sources – mobile being one of them. If you have ever wondered what significant changes are in store in PR and how your company can use these shifts to your advantage, this is the episode for you.


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About Brett Serjeantson
Brett SerjeantsonThe technological visionary behind MediaMiser’s patented media monitoring and analysis solution, Brett leads a talented product development team that continually comes up with innovations to the firm’s web-based media analysis platform and information system. Brett is valued both for his holistic view of the firm’s overall mission and vision as well as for how he employs his instincts and skills to keep all employees focused on the key goals of innovation and client satisfaction.

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