Big Data, Small Screen: Location-Based Services 2.0

The first computers were the size of a room, required the power of several PCs, and held only a fraction of the data that we can now access from our pocket-sized mobile devices.  In the intervening years, computers have grown ever smaller, while our thirst for more relevant information, faster, has only increased.  Where once it was unfathomable that any one machine could hold billions of points of data, today it can literally fit in the palm of your hand, personalized exactly for you—and capacity is only increasing.  Smartphones and tablets have enabled us to step away from the computer and take huge amounts of data wherever we go: big data on some of the world’s smallest screens.  Today, we can access robust information whenever we want it, and we can do it at impressive speeds. 

One of the most impressive examples of this comes in the form of location-based services.  Map and navigation apps on your phone can show you almost exactly where you are, with sufficient detail to help you locate nearby dining options, public transit directions, and more.  Leading traffic intelligence platform INRIX crowd-sources data from the world’s largest driving community of 100 million drivers to deliver real-time traffic insights and traffic forecasts that help consumers never be late, saving them valuable time and money on fuel in the process.   Kevin Foreman, VP of Mobile Applications at INRIX, will share important insights on how mobile devices have made big data more portable, and how big data has increasingly taken location-based services to the next level, making them more precise and therefore more useful to consumers.


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