Bango CEO Ray Anderson: make mobile commerce a no-brainer

It’s all apps this month on m-pulse, where we recently talked business (and how to make money) with Ray Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Bango, a U.K.-based billing and analytics company that enables mobile developers to collect payments.

But it’s not the billing technology alone that is going to separate the app leaders from the also-rans. As with all things mobile it’s the experience that counts. Reduce the clicks, know the payment mechanism your customer prefers from the get-go and wield data (anonymized, of course) to drive results.

Bango ‘gets’ this, which is why the company didn’t stop at providing a platform that makes it possible for mobile app developers to sell apps and collect payments using carrier billing.

As I point out in my companion analysis post over at MobileGroove: “Bango has cleverly inserted itself at the center of the burgeoning App Economy, collecting data and insights (about how users pay and how they prefer to be treated when they make their next purchase). It’s a stockpile of anonymized data that allows app developers plugging into the Bango platform to architect entire retail strategies, not just manage occasional sales.”

Ray walks us through the mega-deals the company has made with RIM, Facebook and Amazon, and provides his view of the perfect mobile/digital commerce experience: make the sale of anything over any mobile phone or tablet device a no-brainer.

As I explain in more detail in the companion post, the Bango IP makes this all possible. It’s all wrapped up in the Bango Identifier, a kind of digital finger print, that enables Bango to distinguish between new and repeat users.

Connect the dots, and Bango is one company “making it possible for app developers to think ‘strategy’ and build real customer relationships.” This is hugely important and a must-have piece of the puzzle if app developers are going to build serious businesses and make serious money.

If you’d like to check out the latest episode of m-pulse, it’s embedded below. And don’t forget to read my detailed companion post on MobileGroove.

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