5M Galaxy Notes sold, Pair hits 50k in 4 days + Nokia plays patent hardball with Apple


Your Wednesday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

If stylus = fail, Samsung’s Galaxy Note has 5M failures (via GigaOM)
Samsung announced 5 million sales of its Galaxy Note in a blog post on Wednesday. Previously, the company has reported device shipments, but Samsung specifically means actual end-user sales, making the oversized phone — or undersized tablet — just the right size for success.

Pair, the ‘Path for Couples’ Hit 50k Users in Four Days (via PandoDaily)
For those keeping score, that’s 25,000 couples.

Google’s $199 Nexus tablet may pressure vendors to cut prices (via BGR)
The search giant has reportedly partnered with ASUS to build a $199 device that will compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire. These low-cost tablets are expected to have a big impact on the entry-level tablet market and apply pressure to other vendors such as Acer, Lenovo and Samsung Electronics to cut prices, DigiTimes reported on Wednesday.

T-Mobile battles the subsidy beast (by raising prices) (via GigaOM)
As T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman admitted in his Geekwire talk, handset subsidies are here to stay, no matter how much wireless carriers claim to disdain them. But it appears T-Mobile does plan to doing something about subsidies: it’s taking the unusual step of raising prices on customers that opt for phone discounts.

At Y Combinator’s Biggest Demo Day Yet, Mobile Is Taking Over (via TechCrunch)
Out of the 39 companies presenting today, 15 are mobile-first.

Nokia: Pick Apple’s SIM standard, no patents for you (via GigaOM)
In an official statement issued Wednesday in advance of a hearing at Europe’s telecom standards organization, the Finnish handset maker warned that it would not license any of its own patents it believes are necessary to an Apple-designed nano-SIM card, which Apple has offered to let others use royalty-free.

Mobile Ad Optimization Startup AppStack Raises $1.5M From Eric Schmidt, Google Ventures And Others (via TechCrunch)
It’s not a huge surprise that Google Ventures and Eric Schmidt are involved in the financing, as AppStack is Google’s biggest reseller of mobile ads, according to founder Steve Espinosa. What the startup basically does for a $60 monthly fee is provide small to medium-sized businesses with hosted mobile websites in addition to optimized Google mobile AdWords ads for those sites.

Fuzebox, the iPad and the Reality of Simple Unified Communications (via ReadWriteWeb)
Mobile technology and the cloud give developers the capability to bring true unified communications closer to reality than ever before. Leading the charge is the iPad, a simple device that makes complex tasks easy. FuzeBox, working with Apple from its Cupertino campus, brings us closer to real UC with the release of an application today for the new iPad.

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