5 mobile questions with Sidneyeve Matrix (UNTETHER.talks Speaker Spotlight)

More than anything, UNTETHER.talks is defined by the luminaries we’ve sought to bring together to speak to the changing face of mobile. As we ramp up to our inaugural event in Toronto (June 26-27, tickets still available!), we wanted to take the time to get our luminaries a little bit better.

Today we have Sidneyeve Matrix, Assistant Professor and Queen’s National Scholar of Media and Film at Queen’s University. Sidneyeve’s expertise in teaching large classes using digital, mobile and social technologies makes her perfect to keynote the “mLearning: How Smartphones at School Change Everything, and Not” session on day two. Interested in learning how mobile education avoids incompatible tech, privacy concerns, and IP/copyright violations to pass the productive disruption test? Come hear Sidneyeve speak at UNTETHER.talks!

1. What is your can’t live without mobile app/service?

Right now my bulletproof mobile device is my BlackBerry. So many students use RIM products and it is more robust in terms of email delivery than my iPhone. For fun and innovative apps, it’s all about iOS of course, but when it comes to business communication, I live and die by my BlackBerry.

2. What mobile app/service do you want right now that doesn’t exist?

I would like to see more tablets in my classrooms, but the pricetag is still too high so it’s preventing mass adoption even at Queen’s, where my lecture halls are a sea of macs.

3. What do you want the UNTETHER.talks audience to remember from your session?

That the perfect storm of social and mobile innovation in higher ed is creating amazing opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs to become new intermediaries in the edTech space — causing massive productive disruption in campus culture.

4. What’s the next vertical that is ripe for mobile disruption?

I may be a little biased here, but I’m going to say higher education.

5. What’s the biggest impediment to mobile ubiquity?

The price of smart gadgets.

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