Zeebu Mobile: What surviving a year in a mobile startup looks like — With Founder Anthony Rizk

A year. That’s an eternity for a small business in the mobile world and what a year it was. The growth, the interest, the changing landscape, the competition — all factors that have made 2010 the impact year for mobile and factors that have made an impact on Zeebu Mobile and its founder, Anthony Rizk.

Anthony was the first interview I ever did for UNTETHER.tv and thought it only appropriate to bring him back a year later to see what 2010 meant for his company, customers and the mobile industry in general.

This is a candid look back at the formative year in a mobile startup’s history. You don’t often get a glimpse of something like this so sit back and learn how Anthony and the Zeebu team fared in 2010.


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About Anthony Rizk
Anthony RizkAnthony Rizk is an experienced mobile application developer; he is currently CTO and co-founder of Zeebu Mobile, which makes Baby GO and other educational mobile applications for children. Previously, Anthony was a founding member of Rove Mobile where he was part of the team that created and developed their mobile network management products, including Mobile Admin, Mobile SSH, and PCMobilizr. He has been developing BlackBerry applications for over 8 years and has consulted extensively in the wireless application industry. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and 2 daughters.

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