Two Guys on Mobile – Episode 18: ISV’s bite the dust, SMS gets competition and long live Amazon

Episode 18

recorded June 11 2011
Running time: 58 minutes

Welcome to Two Guys on Mobile. A weekly web show that focuses on the key stories that are driving our industry. Your hosts are Jeff Bacon and Rob Woodbridge – two mobile industry veterans who bring insight, perspective and expertise to the show each and every week.

Rob Woodbridge
Jeff Bacon

This week:

With every new version of every major mobile OS there are features that get added that kill growing industries and the announcements at WWDC this past week were no different. This is not an Apple-only thing and we look into the impact that this has on the ISV ecosystem across all OS developers. Is this good? Does it push innovation or kill the spirit of software development?

Also announced at WWDC is the iMessage platform soon to be baked into iOS 5. We look at the future of SMS and the impact iMessage and the upcoming (rumoured) Android equivalent will have on RIM’s BBM. Are we witnessing the end of carrier charges for text messaging?

Amazon will be a dominant player in the mobile industry and we are starting to see their strategy unfold. We dive into why Amazon could end up being the platform to beat within a very short period and what will lead to their dominance.

All this and much much more – with a few detours of course.

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