Top 10 most watched episodes of 2011

What a year it has been at Over 400 videos have been posted to the site (including 192 long-form episodes of our flagship interview series) garnering over 61,000 videos watched around the world(!!!). Every guest on every episode has taught us something about the mobile industry and have all blown me away.

I am deeply appreciative of all their time – and yours – and hope to continue this great adventure through 2012.

Here are the top 10 most viewed episodes of 2011 based on user views.

1. How to make cash from Apps with Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian of Simon-Kucher & Partners

2. NeoMedia: How the QR code has emerged as the perfect gateway for mobile marketing – with CEO Laura Marriott

3. Mutual Mobile: Bootstrapping a mobile application development company to 100+ employees – With co-founder Tarun Nimmagadda

4. 6Wunderkinder: How their todo app, Wunderlist, got to 1,000,000 downloads – with PR Director Jessica Erickson

5. TuneMe: How this android app is generating $100 per day in advertising revenue – with founder John Hotovy

6. How textPlus is attacking the phone stack and why 25,000,000 downloads is just the start – with co-founder Scott Lahman

7. Layar: How augmented reality will help democratize data – With co-founder Maarten Lens-FitzGerald

8. Duda Mobile: How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement – with Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO

9. Urban Airship: How developers can make more money from their mobile applications – with Scott Kveton, CEO and co-founder

10. The Future of Social is Mobile – with Amber MacArthur

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