This Week in Location Based Marketing – Episode 57: Brightkite takes a break, Hallmark Channel adds QR codes + Eric Koester from Zaarly

Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing where we rehash the news that matters in the location based marketing world.

In this episode we discuss Brightkite taking a break from business, DDR moving coupons to dialtone, Layar’s enhanced yellow sticky pad and Hallmark bringing us more Billy Ray Cyrus by QR code + Zaarly’s Eric Koester.

Episode 57

Recorded: December 23, 2011
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:
1. Brightkite shuts down service, to, er, rethink, yeah, that’s it.
2. Tennent‘s Beer parters with JiWire in Scotland
3. DDR launches ValuText powered by PlaceCast
4. Layar releases Stiktu for consumers
5. Hallmark Channel brings QR codes to TV

Product of the Week
Zaarly: With special guest Eric Koester

Funding News
1. Citysourced closes 1.33M Series A
2. LocationLabs buys Seeker Wireless
3. Tracks gets $1M seed round

Resource of the Week
NellyMoser study – QR codes in retail stores

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  • Hi Rob and Asif – Thanks for the mention and discussion on ValuText. I helped bring the program to life with my team at Cohn Marketing (DDRs Digital Agency). I’ve answered all your questions and few more below. If you have any additional questions, would love to chat with you both or perhaps come on the show to discuss.

    Why build a brand and not leverage an existing program? We looked around at the existing ShopAlerts programs and none fit our needs. We not only wanted to serve the big box retailers, but also the 1000s “mom and pop” retail owners at DDRs 500+ shopping centers. Most of the existing programs didn’t do that. 

    Why only 27 centers?
    We agree with you here, but this is only the first phase. ValuText will be rolling out to all of DDRs portfolio and other shopping center organizations in the near future (another reason we built a separate brand around the program). 

    Why compare to Groupon?
    Yes, Rob, you’re right. This isn’t a direct comparison to Groupon, but every retailer in the country knows Groupon and they know it costs money to use their service. ValuText doesn’t. It’s completely free for all retailers. We compare ValuText to Groupon to make a point about the price differentiation.

    How it works beyond the traditional Placecast model?
    We also took a few steps forward past the traditional Placecast model. ValuText not only delivers location-based texts, but also provides more offers using a tiny URL within each message. Smartphone owners can take advantage of that URL and see all the offers available at that location.


  • Rob Woodbridge

    Thanks for the clarification Michael – much appreciate your comments.

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