The year mobile strategy grew up

“I pity the fool”
– B.A. Baracas, every episode of the A Team

If you don’t know this by now let me make it as clear as day: Mobile is essential to doing business now and forever. In fact, at some point it will just be a part of what you do with no distinction – just another lever you have to create/continue a discussion with customers and partners.

Our challenge – as mobile minds and implementors (which includes every last business person on the planet) – is to come up with the right mobile strategy to implement that gets us the outcomes we are looking for. Mobile strategy is not difficult to implement, it just needs a reason for being. And, no, “because we need an app” and “because our competition is doing it” are NOT reasons.

I’m putting together a whitepaper about this very topic but until that is available, here is a light framework that you can gauge yourself against. Oh, and if you are interested in that whitepaper, you can sign up here to get notification when it is ready for consumption.

The Framework – something to get you started in the right direction.

Forget the idea that this should take a long time – it shouldn’t. The research I’m talking about is who your target audience is and how they wish to interact with your mobile offering.

Determine your Measurement
One question: What is your golden metric? It is easy to get lost in analytics so don’t. Pick your one metric that will determine if you’ve hit your mark and stick to it. Easier to measure, easier to quantify, easier to keep you in line and much harder to manipulate to make it look good.

Don’t build if there is something else out there that is already talking to your target audience. Use that instead to start with. Makes it easy and affordable to test your theories.

Mobile is about deeper relations with an existing audience (for now) so stop the broadcasting and start listening and engaging.

Maintain and grow
Mobile is the farthest thing to ship and forget that exists today. Trust me, your audience will know when you are phoning it in and this will hurt your brand more than not being in mobile in the first place.

I’ve done a number of interviews with key strategic minds in the mobile world that are available to watch if you would like some insight about mobile strategy. It’s important and these folks will walk you through their thinking – all worth a watch.

Appcelerator: How to develop your mobile strategy – with VP Marketing Scott Schwarzhoff

Fjord: How to create a mobile strategy that supports your business – with CEO Olof Schybergson

Siteworx: Why your mobile strategy needs to be a C-level priority – with co-founder Tim McLaughlin

The Third Screen: How mobile is changing the game and why businesses need to get on board…Now – with author Chuck Martin

The first question you need to ask for your mobile strategy

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