Teknision: RIM’s secret sauce behind the BlackBerry PlayBook user experience – with co-founder Gabor Vida

How important is UI design. Well, if you are competing in the smartphone/tablet world it supersedes even the hardware configurations – something that Apple breaths to their core and other companies are starting to make advances in.

What does it take to build something that is easy to use, functional and, well, pretty to look at? Enter Gabor Vida, President of Teknision, a boutique UI/UX company in Ottawa, Canada, with anything but boutique companies as their clients.

Teknision was part of the team that built the UI on top of RIM’s PlayBook tablet and the QNX operating system and in this session with Gabor we talk about the experience of working on such an important – some say seminal – piece of hardware as well as why UI is so important and how mobile application developers can and should be approaching this craft.

If you are interested in how to make your products sing in the mobile world as well as some insight into RIM’s PlayBook UI and the reasoning behind some of the decisions, this is a worthwhile listen/watch.


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About Gabor Vida

Gabor Vida
Gabor is an industry veteran with proven communication and strategic management skills. Gabor was a co-founder of one of Canada’s largest internet development companies where his direction grew the multimedia design and development service offering. After his company was acquired by a major telecommunications corporation, he continued to provide strategic interface and information design for the organization’s flagship product offering. As the CEO at Ottawa based Teknision, Gabor spearheads the company direction managing relationships with key clients such as Intel, Adobe, Radian6 and QNX. Focusing on interaction experience design for embedded devices, Gabor provides the thought leadership required to elevate usable experiences into engaging ones.

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  • It should be interesting to see what a Teknision/QNX smartphone would look like. I think Teknision got it just right on the PlayBook because it’s familiar for BlackBerry/smartphone users, but it also has an element of risk which sets it apart. The smartphone needs the same. Something familiar but a couple features and elements that set it apart. Camera based gestures would be a good differentiator.

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