Special Series-The Impact of Mobile. Episode 5: The Future of Cash with Greg Hammermaster of Sage Payment Solutions

This is part of an on-going year-long special series examining the impact that mobile is having on certain sectors of the economy. These sessions bring industry experts to UNTETHER.tv to offer their thoughts on how mobile will be shaping their industries

In this session, Greg Hammermaster, President of Sage Payments, discusses the impact that mobile is having on hard cold cash.

Some highlights of this session:
– Hear about the state of mobile cash and payments as they stand today
– Understand the impact that mobile will be having on the way we process transactions and pay for goods
– Learn how the credit card companies are positioning themselves for the oncoming mobile payment revolution
– Understand what the future looks like as payment providers move on device
– Hear as we discuss what the future of on-device transactions look like
– Learn what part loyalty plays in the advancement of mobile payment solutions

And so much more!


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About Greg Hammermaster
Greg Hammermaster

Mr. Hammermaster serves as President of Sage Payment Solutions. He was previously with SunTrust Banks where he was senior vice president of commercial card and payment services in the Treasury and Payment Solutions Division. His responsibilities have included sales, business development, direction of the vision and execution for commercial card practices, and developing strategic partnerships. Mr. Hammermaster has also had experience with a number of online businesses and with Visa International, the world’s largest card network, where he worked with banks in the areas of online merchant services, debit, credit, and payment solutions, and was instrumental in delivering Visa’s first corporate and purchasing card program.

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