Sincerely: How their first product, Postagram, is reinventing the postcard – with co-founder Matt Brezina

Printing photos isn’t dead – it was just lacking a creative and innovative approach, until Matt Brezina and his team at his company, Sincerely.

Matt describes Sincerely as the new Hallmark and their first product, Postagram, leverages the very popular photo service Instagram to send a postcard of your photo to anyone, anywhere, for 99 cents. Seem simple? That’s really the best part of this, it has been designed and engineered that way but they’ve been working on this for the better part of a year (since the iPhone 4 was released).

This is a great discussion about Sincerely (long-term vision), Postagram (why start it, how they built it and created the relationships to print and ship and how they designed the postcard), the business of customer service, company culture and, quite frankly, a stellar conversation on being a seasoned entrepreneur (Matt was also a founder of Xobni).

Not to be missed, not to be watched only once.


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About Matt Brezina

Matt Brezina
I’m Matt Brezina an entrepreneur from State College, Pennsylvania currently residing in San Francisco, CA.

I’m the co-founder & CEO of Sincerely. We make it easy to send real photos in the mail from mobile phones.

I dropped out of grad school in the spring of 2006 to found an email software company called Xobni. Xobni is the word “inbox” spelled backwards. Our goal is to take back overloaded inboxes for our users by organizing their email around the people they communicate with. Our application for Microsoft Outlook has been downloaded over 7 Million times and was called “the next generation of social networking” by Bill Gates when he demoed our product on stage during his keynote at the 2008 Office Developer’s Conference.

I started Xobni with a buddy and former roomate Adam Smith. Xobni started as two guys in a dorm room at MIT. We’ve grown to over 30 employees, raised over $30M in venture capital, and we’ve appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and numerous other publications.

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  • arvid nelson

    there were actually quite a few apps doing the same thing a long time before. on the app store there’s an app called ‘postcards’, there’s ‘touchnote’ and ‘postino’. postagram is not really the one which invented this thing….

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  • No one said they invented it- but they did perfect it by creating an awesome experience which is why most people think of Postagram when they think of their phone and postacards. Matt is a great guy too. Also a friend of mine in LA started Postcardsontherun which is also pretty innovative and fun. They key in this space is to reduce friction, be fun and most importantly never stop innovating.

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