Sidebar: Helping companies make money in mobile by personalizing the long tail – with CEO Patrick Kennedy

I’m not sure if Chris Anderson coined the phrase “long tail” but he certainly made it part of our every day lexicon and no where could it be more applicable than the mobile industry. The sheer volume of daily digital interactions pile up on top of each other and the thing that was released or popular yesterday is pushed down the long tail.

Don’t get me wrong, that long tail has some serious value but how do you, as a developer, content creator or content aggregator continuously generate revenue from product that doesn’t surface in front of the right buyer?

This is a great conversation with Sidebar CEO Patrick Kennedy that answers that very question. We also talk about the power of personalization on the mobile platform and how companies are implementing it the right way to generate revenues from the long tail.


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About Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy is a leader in digital media with extensive experience in technical product development and digital distribution, strategic planning and corporate development.

Prior to Sidebar, Patrick spent two years as a strategic advisor to the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) where he helped position Singapore as a hub for digital content distribution across internet, mobile, and emerging distribution platforms. He was a founding member of the Singapore Digital Marketplace industry roundtable which helped to introduce new revenue models for broadband video in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to this, Patrick was executive vice president at Sony Pictures Digital.

Patrick has keynoted at such events as CTIA Wireless and Milia and he is a founding member of Enterprise Ireland’s TIME advisory council. He is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Interactive Media Peer Group and is also a member of the Irish Technology Leadership Group. He graduated summa cum laude from Milwaukee School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and received a National Science Foundation Fellowship for graduate work at Stanford University where he received a Master of Science and Ph.D. A.B.D. in electrical engineering.

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