Poynt: From zero to 70,000,000 monthly local searches in two years – with CEO Andrew Osis

Intrinsically we all know the difference between search and find – one is random, the other is relevant – and Poynt is at the epicentre of the “find” space and exactly why I invited them on for an episode.

The numbers are staggering: A current user base of 8.1 million and growing by 25,000 every day doing 70 million monthly local searches. How did this company, based in Calgary up here in Canada, get to these numbers, drive such trafic and turn it into revenue? That’s what we are here for and what co-founder and CEO Andrew Osis and I talk through.

Always insightful and a pioneer in the industry, Andrew offers up an honest look at his business and the industry they serve.


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About Andrew Osis

Andrew Osis
As President, CEO and co-founder of Poynt Corporation, Andrew Osis is one of the early movers in the Location-Based Search space. Before iPhones made apps ubiquitous, the team at Poynt Corporation envisioned an application for mobile phones that could help consumers locate businesses, retailers, movie listings and restaurants in their local area. They then took this idea one step further through the integration of actionable utility with the ability to call businesses, add listings and events to calendars, map directions and book movie tickets and dinner reservations. With the addition of hyper-local and hyper-targeted advertising, Poynt Corporation has continued to innovate in the Location-Based Search space.

Mr Osis began his career as an investment banker where he specifically focused on mergers, acquisitions and large-scale financings and progressed to the role of Vice President, Global Banking with RBC Dominion Securities Inc, Canada’s largest investment banking firm. Mr Osis then joined Poynt Corporation as interim Chief Financial Officer where he was able to use his skills to successfully move Poynt Corporation into a market-leading position in the mobile local search space. His focus on “revenue, cash flow, earnings” has led him to explore and implement successful monetization strategies for the company’s mobile local search application, Poynt.

Mr Osis earned a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business.

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