21 luminaries offer their hopes for the mobile industry in 2011

A while back I asked a number of the mobile luminaries that I’ve interviewed to offer up their hopes for the mobile industry in 2011. Here is but a sample of the wise words I received. It paints a picture of where we are headed and I’m liking it!

I’ve interviewed each and every one of the people of this list so if you’d like a deeper understanding of what they do and what they think about the mobile industry, search for their name at UNTETHER.tv.



Tom Hearne of Score Media

I guess one of the things that I hope we will see is leadership of a few product lines in both tablet and in IPTV or connected TV. It wont be good for either industry to have 20 operating systems, there will and should be around 3 or 4 key leaders. This will make the development path for apps companies manageable and likely more profitable.


Krista Napier of IDC

I hope more businesses recognize this year what early adopters realized in 2010: that beyond being considered only as “executive jewelry”, media tablets can be powerful productivity and experiential devices in the enterprise and across various industries.


Ken Westin of ActiveTrak

Mobile payments will become a larger reality with more devices utilizing Near Field Communications following the lead of the Nexus S. The adoption will be quite swift I believe particularly if the rumors regarding the new iPhone are true regarding implementation of the NFC. The innovations in this area will be fast as there is a lot of money to be made, but it will take a bit of trial and error before security measures catch up. Amazing to think that over the past few years mobile phones became more than phones, they contain our contacts, photos, essentially our lives and now they will also replace our wallets and keys. This will raise serious security concerns which will require education and new technologies to help keep these innovations safe.


Jeff Bacon of Suavehog

I hope mobile becomes an expected part of doing business and ceases to be viewed as a premium add-on.


Alexander Rink of Gazaro

I look forward to mobile devices with integrated NFC (near field communication) starting to become accepted as a method of in-store payment.


Jason Flick of You I Labs

My hope is that connected mobile devices proliferate everywhere, yes even beyond the smartphone. My prediction is windows phone 7 is going to be the windows come back OS.


Aaron Watkins of Appency

My hope for 2011 is that Near Field Communication becomes a common place, if not universal technology. I think of all the emerging technologies in mobile, NFC has the most potential to drastically change the way we use mobile technology to interact with the world around us, and could essentially eliminate the need for plastic credit cards, paper tickets, etc…


Kiran Modak of Unsocial

The line between smart and feature phones starts vanishing even more, a bit selfish as this will open up bigger slices of the market for app developers. And standardization within platforms so that one size can fit all, I am talking mostly about Android and Blackberry variants that make development so difficult.


John Friend of Apps In My Pocket

More schools enjoy successful iPad rollouts enhancing kids’ education like Cedars School in Scotland.


Gregg Weiss of BlueWhale Mobile

I *hope* businesses who want to get into the mobile app space think as much about their “idea” as they do their marketing plan and what happens after the app is in the store. Creating a great app is just step one, a cohesive plan on how to get the word out is a key factor that will determine the success of your app.


Sam Feuer of MindSmack

In 2011 the masses will take to mobile devices for navigating places confidently and saving real money in a quick, seamless manner, making each person feel like a VIP.


Boris Bogatin of Nearverse

For consumers to integrate use of mobile Internet not to interact with those far away (SMS, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.), but to learn to use the phone as a “magic wand” to control the physical world and “telepathor” to interact within it – with physical objects they are using, people they are spending time with, businesses they are in, and media they watch within it.


Jamie Thompson of PONGR

Mobile is changing the way smart companies build relationships with consumers; in 2011, I hope to see more brands focus on simple, scalable engagement practices.


Blake Scholl of Kimalabs

The current mobile coupon craze will pass–as businesses discover that crazy deals don’t scale and that providing great products and services is still the best way to win loyal customers.


Dan Cornell of Denim Group

I hope companies understand how attractive a target mobile devices are to attackers and therefore build and test their applications to be secure and defend users’ privacy.


Bretton MacLean of Tweetagora

The one hope I have for mobile in 2011 is that the leader in mobile apps (Apple) finally gets social with its app recommendations. There are just too many apps for Apple to be acting as both gatekeeper and tastemaker.


Adam McNamara of Select Start Studios

We’ve managed to put a small computer in nearly everyone’s pockets, and I hope companies challenge themselves to fundamentally change the way they do business because of this.


Vijay Mathews of Winfield & Co.

Liberation from a web-based browser to a more innovative user interface to allow users relevant ways to access information.


Andrey Butov of Antair

I hope that the mobile marketplace begins to show some glimpse of maturity. But stabilization is impossible without recognition that declining price points and emergence of hit-based economics are detrimental to software companies seeking a sustainable business model for long-term growth.


Robert Kao of SMRTGuard

2011 is the year when business and payment transactions are done on the Mobile.


Rob Woodbridge of UNTETHER.tv

I hope companies give serious thought as to how they can naturally integrate mobile into their business so as to seem as though it’s not even there.

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