Mobile Morning Coffee (12/27/11)

The most relevant mobile stories from over the holidays, served with cream and two sugars.

Today: iPad 3 by February, how mobile can save brick and mortars from Amazon, and the year in review for tablets and LTE.

Study: Apple’s iPhone, iPad account for 90 percent of mobile purchases (via GigaOM)
That’s up from 88 percent the last time RichRelevance in April, and it easily beat out Android and other competing mobile platforms. (via BGR)
Is the next iPad coming February 24th?

Google’s rumored Nexus tablet could cannibalize sales of partner tablets (via BGR)
In other news: duh.

Samsung, you’re doing it wrong with Android 4.0 (via GigaOM)
Samsung’s own customize TouchWiz user interface may be the reason why disappointed users won’t be getting Android 4.0 on their Samsung smartphones.

Will you track your health data with an app or a device? (via GigaOM)
On the different ways to drop the holiday pounds.

The long road for mobile payments (via GigaOM)
The recent buzz around NFC is just one step in a decade-long process.

5 Japanese Tech Companies (And Samsung) Set Up LTE Mobile Chip Venture (via TechCrunch)
NTT Docomo is teaming up with five other tech powerhouses to develop chips for next-generation mobile devices. Docomo’s partners are NEC, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd., Panasonic, and Samsung.

The Threat And Opportunity Of Mobile: How Physical Retailers Can Fight Back Against Amazon (via TechCrunch)
With an expected holiday sales increase of only 3.8 percent, Brick and mortar retailers need to figure out a way to compete with Amazon and other e-commerce giants that doesn’t eat into margins.

Looking back at 2011: 4G LTE takes off (via BGR)
Just a year ago, 4G LTE wasn’t available to the general U.S. public and now, as we begin to enter 2012, a massive chunk of the U.S. population has access to it.

Looking back at 2011: ‘The year of the tablet’ falls flat (via BGR)
In which there is one tablet to rule them all.

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