Mobile Morning Coffee (12/23/11)

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Today: 3D video recording on iOS, AT&T buys Qualcomm’s spectrum, and RIM really needs 2012 to be nothing like 2011.

BlackBerry 10 is a failure that won’t be able to compete, company source says (via BGR)
The wait for BlackBerry 10 smartphones may have nothing to do with LTE chipset delays.

RIM Denies BlackBerry 10 Delay Allegations: Claims Are “Uninformed”
(via TechCrunch)
RIM reiterates that the LTE chipset in question is “required to deliver a world class user experience” and that “any suggestion to the contrary is simply false.”

It Doesn’t Matter If RIM Is Lying, It’s Still in Deep Trouble (via Mashable)
Regardless of the reason, the delay itself is indicative of just how perilous RIM’s current position is.

It’s no T-Mo, but AT&T picks up Qualcomm airwaves (via GigaOM)
The 700MHz spectrum is a small consolation prize for the U.S.’ largest carrier following the failed T-Mobile merger.

Analyst: Apple to skip iPad mini in 2012, keep low-cost iPad 2 instead (via GigaOM)
All we want for Christmas is another iPad rumor.

iPad satisfaction rate at 84% according to new survey (via BGR)
Wichita State University’s Software Usability Research Laboratory conducted a survey of iPad owners and found that 62% rated the Apple tablet as “excellent,” 21% said it was “good” and 10% of respondents said it was the “best imaginable” tablet.

27% of Photos and Videos Now Captured on Smartphones [STUDY] (via Mashable)
According to a survey conducted by NPD Group, that’s a 44% increase from the year previous.

VideoCam3D For iOS Lets You Shoot & Convert Movies To 3D (via TechCrunch)
VideoCam3D lets you record in both blue/red and split screen 3D and works in conjunction with the CineXPlayer video viewing app, which also supports 3D movie playback.

Evernote’s Skitch Arrives On iPad…iPhone Version Still “In The Works” (via TechCrunch)
Using the new app, you can annotate just about anything – a new photo, one from your camera roll, a screenshot, a map or you can just draw on a blank canvas.

Republic Wireless kills the caveats, makes its service truly unlimited (via The Verge)
Although the Republic Wireless’ usage indicator remains in place to help users understand how many minutes, messages, and megabytes they’re using, and to encourage more activity over Wi-Fi, there’s no longer any penalty for being an active user.

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