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Today: Amazon considered buying RIM, Apple wins big in China, and 700,000 Android phones are activated each day.

Amazon Considered Acquiring RIM Over The Summer (via TechCrunch)
According to Reuters, Amazon had tasked an investment bank with exploring the possibility of a RIM buyout, although their sources don’t mention how far both parties were from finalizing a deal.

Mobile will take 15 percent of global online ad spend by 2016 (via GigaOM)
Global mobile advertising is expected to grow from $3.4 billion in 2010 at a compound annual growth rate of 37 percent to $22.5 billion in 2016.

Apple’s App Store made big gains in China in 2011 (via GigaOM)
The Chinese App Store for iPhone devices is now 30 percent of download volume vs. the U.S.

PayPal Tests In-Store NFC Payments App With Swedish Retailers, Similar Mobile ‘Experiments’ To Roll Out Soon (via TechCrunch)
Users can download a PayPal in-store iOS or Android app (only available in Sweden). This app will give them access to special discounts at the retailers.

Daily Android activations top 700,000 (via BGR)
Just over a month ago, on November 16th, Google revealed that there was 550,000 Android activations per day and 200 million Android devices activated worldwide.

Android’s app revenue gap and how developers cope (via GigaOM)
Even with the rise of freemium business models — which rely on getting people to download a free app and monetizing through in-app purchase and upgrades — Apple still holds a big advantage.

Interview: CrowdStar’s Peter Relan, On Building Social Games For Mobile (And Making Social Girl An iOS Hit) (via TechCrunch)
The hit game maker talks iOS, Android, and Facebook game development.

Kayak: Lessons learned as it relaunches on the iPad (via GigaOM)
On Tuesday, Kayak plans to launch a new app for iOS. It’s throwing out its old Kayak HD iPad app and making a universal Kayak app for iPad and iPhone.

Jobs’s passing and fear of stalled innovation prompt Apple to enter Israel, former exec says (via BGR)
Eric Sirkin, a former senior director at Apple, believes the company’s move into Israel is logical not only because of the country’s reputation as a technology hub, but also because the general mentality in the technology industry there is one that encourages innovation.

LTE pricing may drop as much as 60% by 2016 (via BGR)
Pricing is expected to decline as more wireless operators begin to offer 4G LTE services and the amount of subscribers on those networks increases.

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