Mobile Morning Coffee (12/19/11)

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 72 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Today: Senator Franken reviews Carrier IQ reports, Path sees 30x growth, and the App Store is worth more than RIM.

Smartphone Winners And Losers This Holiday Season–And In 2012 (via Fast Company)
In which it’s beginning to look a lot like iPhone Christmas.

Apple’s App Store alone worth more than RIM (via GigaOM)
Of course, at $7.08 billion, the App Store is worth more than a lot of things.

AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, And HTC Weigh In On Their Use Of Carrier IQ (via TechCrunch)
Senator Franken had a chance to review their statements and publish them in full on his website.

A New Path: Path Grows Daily Users 30x Since Relaunch (via TechCrunch)
The underdog photo sharing social network has from 10K to 300K active users in two and a half weeks.

Kicksend Goes Mobile With A New iPhone App For Instant, Asynchronous Sharing Of Big Files (via TechCrunch)
Kicksend’s advantage over other file sharing media is that it has no size limits, is private, and works asynchronously — unlike IM.

MyYearbook Hits Half A Million Daily Mobile Users, Launches iPad App (via TechCrunch)
How mobile is fuelling the growth of the photo-heavy social network not named Facebook.

4 reasons Apple should make a 7-inch iPad (via GigaOM)
Kevin C. Tofel lists out all the reasons other than the one that matters most: it will sell like hot cakes.

Forget wallets. What else is NFC good for? (via GigaOM)
More and more interesting projects and applications being built show how NFC can be deployed outside of mobile payment situations.

A visual history of mobiles: Past, present and future (via GigaOM)
In infographic blast from the past on your first mobile crush.

Finance, healthcare jobs most likely to allow personal iPhones, iPads (via GigaOM)
The opportunities for disruption are overwhelming.

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