Mobile Morning Coffee (12/15/11)

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Today: how Flipboard added one million subscribers in a week, why Europe’s Square is embracing NFC, and what Carrier IQ is doing with your data.

An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Galaxy Nexus (via TechCrunch)
In a shocking twist, MG Siegler still prefers the iPhone.

In Mobile Advertising, Does Size Matter? (via TechCrunch)
Both tablets and mobile ads are growing like gangbusters. But are the two a perfect fit?

In The Messy NFC Battle, Consumers Are The Biggest Losers (via Fast Company)
A different kind of format war is casting a shadow on NFC and the amazing benefits it could bring to future payment tech.

iZettle, Europe’s Square, is considering NFC support (via GigaOM)
iZettle looks to further differentiate itself from Square.

Infographic: Inside Carrier IQ’s smartphone agent (via GigaOM)
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has prepared a handy infographic to help the more coding-challenged of us grasp IQ Agent’s complexity.

Virtual Active iOS App Detects Your Exercycle Speed, Takes You On World Tour (via TechCrunch)
Solving the first-world problem of boring workouts.

Flipboard adds 1M subscribers: Good lesson for iPad apps (via GigaOM)
By customizing their app experience for a smaller screen, Flipboard added 1 million subscribers in a week(!).

The fall of Microsoft’s Andy Lees: inside the Windows Phone power shift (via The Verge)
An investigation into Lee’s “benching” and what comes next.

iOS: A visual history (via The Verge)
A wonderful timeline by our friends at The Verge.

Android: A visual history (via The Verge)
And one for Android too!

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