Mobile Morning Coffee (12/13/11)

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Today: Andy Lees is out as head of Windows Phone, Google Wallet is insecure, and a Nokia exec says crazy things.

Nokia Exec: iPhone, Android Handsets No Longer Appeal To Youth (via TechCrunch)
Niels Munksgaard, Director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales at Nokia Entertainment walks off the cliff of sanity.

Mobile Passes Print In Time Spent, But Doesn’t Get The Ad Dollars (via TechCrunch)
Time spent on mobile devices is now an average of 65 minutes a day, compared to 44 minutes a day for print (magazines and newspapers combined).

Life360 pulls in $3.5M round, hits 10 million users (via GigaOM)
Life360 is a simple utility app that helps families members stay in touch and allows parents to get information on the whereabouts of their kids.

Adaptu Takes On Mint With Mobile Wallet Launch (via TechCrunch)
One of Adaptu’s key features is the app’s ability to tell you – on the spot – if you can afford to buy something.

Microsoft moves Andy Lees out of top Windows Phone job (via The Verge)
Lees will shift to work “on a time-critical opportunity focused on driving maximum impact in 2012 with Windows Phone and Windows 8,” according to Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft: NFC not currently supported in Windows Phone, expected to ship in devices next year (via The Verge)
Microsoft UK product manager Will Coleman corrects his previous statement that Windows Phone 7.5 already supports NFC, and that it just needs to be enabled by OEMs.

Carrier IQ collected encrypted SMS ‘unintentionally,’ working on fix for logging issues (via The Verge)
The Carrier IQ story justs gets better and better.

Google Wallet leaves sensitive data unencrypted and accessible, says security firm (via The Verge)
Using a rooted Nexus S 4G, ViaForensics found that the application writes unencrypted database files that contain payment transaction histories.

Apple and Google dominate smartphone space while others scramble (via BGR)
Market research firm The NPD Group on Tuesday issued a report on the smartphone market through October 2011, stating that Android and iOS extended their lead while companies like RIM and Microsoft scrambled to reform their respective strategies.

Fiksu launches FreeMyApps to stimulate paid app downloads (via GigaOM)
The product builds on work Fiksu has done to build traffic for free apps and creates a new enrichment layer that can now incentivize iOS users to try traditional paid apps that are now offered for free.

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