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Today: Analysts predict 1 billion HTML5 phones by 2013, foursquare wants to provide recommendations for everything, and the BlackBerry PlayBook is still jail broken.

At Le Web, Crowley hints at Foursquare’s future in recommendations for everything (via TechCrunch)
At Le Web, foursquare Co-Founder and CEO Dennis Crowley signalled that check-in data is becoming less important than the recommendations it is capable of producing for users.

Forecast: 1 Billion HTML5 Phones By 2013 (via TechCrunch)
According to new research from Strategy Analytics, the number represents a (huge) increase from the 336 million units sold in 2011.

Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet: My first NFC purchase (via GigaOM)
Kevin C. Tofel roots his phone to find Google Wallet simple and effective.

Onlive Now Beaming Console Games From The Cloud To iOS/Android Devices (Hands-on Video) (via TechCrunch)
Thanks to Onlive’s just-launched mobile app, DiRT 3, Assasin’s Creed Revelations, L.A. Noire and many more titles are now playable on most recent Android devices including the Kindle Fire, iPad and soon, the iPhone.

Microsoft debuts official Xbox LIVE client for iOS devices (via GigaOM)
Microsoft continues to support competitive platforms with key applications.

RIM’s PlayBook jailbreak fix already jailbroken (via BGR)
While RIM initially downplayed the significance of the jailbreak, the exploit tool created by a few hackers was recently released to the public and it indeed gave users root access to the BlackBerry PlayBook, bypassing RIM’s security measures.

With Growth Accelerating, Socialcam’s Mobile Video App Passes 3 Million Downloads (via TechCrunch)
It took Socialcam five months to reach 1 million downloads and three months to hit 2 million downloads.

ZTE To Make Big Play For U.S. Market With High-End Smartphones (via TechCrunch)
The Chinese handset maker expects the U.S. to be the largest market by 2015.

Amazon Sets Up $6 Million Royalty Fund for Lending Library Authors (via Mashable)
Amazon has set up a designed to encourage self-published authors and publishers to do two things: make their work available exclusively in the Kindle Store for the first 90 days it’s published and include their work in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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