Mobile Morning Coffee (12/01/11)

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Daily Mobile Minute #63: Carrier IQ – do we need another reason to hate carriers? (via
There are serious concerns about what carriers are tracking on our mobile devices – our most personal of computers. The revelation, right or wrong, brings privacy to the forefront yet again.

Researcher’s Video Shows Secret Software on Millions of Phones Logging Everything (via Wired)
A video of how the Carrier IQ software secretly installed on millions of mobile phones reports most everything a user does on a phone.

Carrier IQ references discovered in Apple’s iOS (via The Verge)
Well-known iPhone hacker Chpwn confirmed Carrier IQ is in all versions of iOS, including iOS 5.

Verizon denies Carrier IQ is on any of its phones (via The Verge)
Jeffrey Nelson, part of the company’s Communications team, has tweeted a reminder that Verizon does not use Carrier IQ and that it “made this clear 2 weeks ago.”

Nokia: none of our devices have ever used Carrier IQ (via The Verge)
Despite the claims of Trevor Eckhart, the researcher who brought Carrier IQ’s activities to light, Nokia’s response has been categorical: no Nokia phone has ever shipped with Carrier IQ onboard.

AT&T, T-Mobile Mull Plan B (via
AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG, the parent of T-Mobile USA, have discussed an alternative transaction—forming a joint venture that would pool network assets from the two U.S. wireless carriers—if their current acquisition deal falls apart, people familiar with the matter said.

MasterCard, mFoundry let banks create their own NFC mobile wallet (via GigaOM)
The collaboration will allow banks that use mFoundry for their mobile banking apps to add support for contactless NFC MasterCard PayPass payments, turning those mobile banking apps into digital wallet payment tools.

Rumor Patrol: New iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs [Updated] (via Fast Company)
A crazy year for Apple shows no sign of slowing as 2012 approaches–more and more rumors are popping up.

Android, iOS usage shares dip in November as BlackBerry gains (via BGR)
iOS slid more than seven points to drop to a 54% share in November, and Android shed two points to fall to 17%.

Should mobile operators give up on voicemail? (via GigaOM)
If Viaero sees the sense in the ceding the voicemail market to over-the-top application providers, could the rest of the industry follow?

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