Mobile Morning Coffee (11/24/11)

Mobile Morning Coffee

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Study reveals when to shop the App Store for the best deals
(via GigaOM)
When is the best time shop in the App Store? This study reveals all.

Infinity Blade: How Two Brothers Made $20 Million From One Mobile Game (via Mashable)
By 2010 they had released their first game that set a new benchmark for mobile gaming visuals, and has subsequently made more than $20 million in sales.

96 hours to the stone age: How quickly our connected lives crumble when the power goes out (via GigaOM)
We don’t really consider that our smartphones and wireless device are connected to cell sites and cell towers. Which in turn are connected to the wireless operator’s main switching facility. All that needs lots of power, which after a blackout is provided by backup systems. If and when those systems run out of juice, at about 96 hours, we have a big problem.

4sqwifi App Helps Foursquare Users Find Free WiFi Anywhere (via ReadWriteWeb)
Two Greek entrepreneurs launched a new iPhone app called 4sqwifi, which uses the Foursquare API to find locations nearby that offer free WiFi, along with the WiFi’s passwords.

HTC’s star continues to fall; outlook slashed again (via GigaOM)
Smartphone maker HTC continues to move the goalposts.

Why Verizon needs AT&T-Mo to just disappear (via GigaOM)
Of all the possible outcomes in the AT&T-Mo fallout, the FCC approving the merger with a laundry list of new regulations would have been the worst-case scenario for Verizon.

Microsoft Lync coming soon to Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, and iOS (via BGR)
Microsoft will soon be launching their enterprise chat application for all major mobile platforms.

RIM testing NFC-powered digital wallet service in Spain (via BGR)
The carrier provided 350 of its employees with NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones that are pre-loaded with its Telefónica Wallet application.

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