Mobile Morning Coffee (11/17/11)

Mobile Morning Coffee

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library under fire from Authors Guild (via The Verge)
The Authors Guild believes being paid by Amazon for free ebook downloads by Amazon Prime customers is a ‘gross misuse of Amazon’s power.’

Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet: “Choice” And Trash Talk (via Fast Company)
Fast Company asks Claudia Romanini, director of developer relations at Barnes & Noble, if the Kindle Fire really is a vending machine for Amazon’s services.

How Augmented Reality Will Change Everything, Just Not Yet [VIDEO] (via Fast Company)
Video roundtable on the future of augmented reality and if it is destined to be just a fad.

Retail Chain Uses Augmented Reality to Render Catalog in 3D (via Mashable)
British retailer Tesco is launching an ambitious augmented reality program on Thursday that will let consumers see 3D images of more than 40 products online.

Samsung Galaxy S II to Get Ice Cream Sandwich (via Mashable)
Samsung’s flagship smartphone is getting the latest version of the Android OS. No confirmed dates as of yet.

Android Global: South Korea Second Only To U.S. In App Downloads (via TechCrunch)
Despite only a 9-percent market share, Android users in South Korea have downloaded 603 million apps, as of September 2011.

RIM Wants You to Forget Your Office Pass on Purpose — And Use Your Phone (via Mashable)
BlackBerry smartphone maker bets big on NFC for enterprise security.

Survey: For enterprise workers, iPhone beats BlackBerry (via GigaOM)
According to a quarterly survey of enterprise companies by commercial Wi-Fi provider iPass, the iPhone has a 45-percent market share of mobile employee usage, passing BlackBerry for the first time.

How HTML5 Tablet Apps Get a Boost From a New Breed of Publishing Tools (via ReadWriteWeb)
Discussing the advantages of HTML5 vs. native tablet apps.

The relationship between Readability and Instapaper (via
Instapaper creator Marco Arment wants to remain friendly with Readability.

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