How PONGR brings brands and brand lovers together on a mobile without an app — With cofounder Jamie Thompson

A picture tells a thousand stories but how about brand-love expression? That’s what PONGR is about – they mix photos and brands into a game and reward the brand stewards with prizes and they do it with SMS, MMS and email, no app required.

This is a great conversation about the power of simplicity when it comes to using our smartphones for brand interaction and consumer benefit – as well as bridging the gap from the physical to the digital world. The key lesson I got from talking to Jamie Thompson, cofounder of PONGR, is to take the complex out of the equation from the user end and let them use the tools that they are already comfortable with. Reducing the friction to use a product makes adoption – and continued stickiness – easy.


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About Jamie Thompson
Jamie ThompsonJamie Thompson is the co-founder and CEO of PONGR, the mobile picture-sharing game with real-life rewards. A devout believer in bridging “new media” and “old media,” he has developed partnerships with Publicis Groupe, Interpublic, Conde Nast, Hearst Corporation, Bonnier Corporation and numerous other advertising agencies.

Jamie is an exercise junkie, often coming up with his best ideas while lifting free weights. During business travel, he loves exploring new cities in search of independent bakeries that potentially harbor the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. He hates QR codes and loves showing how Pongr’s image recognition platform can connect the dots for advertisers.

Follow him on Twitter @Jamie_Thompson.

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