Ditto: Changing the dynamic from checking in to a location to stepping out of your house – with founder Jyri Engestrom

What’s beyond the checkin. How can you use your social graph to make better decisions? Where’s the next battle going to be fought in the mobile arena?

That’s why I asked Jyri Engeström, founder of Ditto, to come on the show and help us understand the world of mobile recommendation engines that use your friends and their friends to get the low down on where to go, what to buy and what to do.

This is a new and rapidly expanding niche in mobile but it holds the real promise for our industry – personalized information tailored to our likes and dislikes. It takes a visionary to vault into the space and Jyri is no stranger to that as the founder of Jaiku, a microblog platform he sold to Google.

Jyri offers great insight into his vision, the industry, the startup community in the valley and where he envisions it all heading. He’s very candid about his business model, his revenue opportunities and challenges he will face. This session is part tech and part psychology and all good.

As a side note, at about 32 minutes we got cut off and we did the rest of the interview via video SKYPE from his iPhone…I love mobile technology – don’t you?


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About Jyri Engeström

Jyri Engeström
Hi, my name is Jyri Engeström. I’m founder & CEO of Ditto, a mobile startup for sharing what you’re up to and exchanging recommendations about restaurants, movies, and other activities. I co-founded microblogging service Jaiku, which Google acquired in 2007.

At Google I was Product Manager of social & mobile apps. In this role I was responsible for starting up Google Profiles (behold this page!), the early days of Google Buzz, Google’s sharing model, and the Social Graph API. On the mobile team I was responsible for Gmail’s mobile client, Mobile Calendar, Mobile Contacts, Mobile Enterprise apps, and the starting up of Latitude. These all continue to evolve further under other Google product managers.

At Jaiku I was Co-Founder and Chairman. Together with my business partner Petteri Koponen and our team, we grew Jaiku into the leading European microblogging platform. Jaiku was acquired by Google after just over a year of operation. After the acquisition, we continued to maintain jaiku.com but focused our efforts on creating systems that power Google Buzz and related products. The original Jaiku code base was ported to Google App Engine and released as Jaiku Engine, a free open source microblogging platform.

Prior to founding Jaiku I was Senior Product Manager, Internet Handhelds at Nokia. Nokia N900 is the latest model of this product line.

A sociologist by training, I refer to photos, bookmarks, and other shareable Web content as ‘social objects’. My personal web site is at zengestrom.com.

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