Barcodehero: How to be disruptive at the intersection of retail and mobile – With Co-Founder and CEO, Blake Scholl

Could there be anything more disruptive for retail than what is happening in mobile? The power has absolutely shifted to the consumer and more and more companies are arming consumers with the ability to almost name their own price for products – exactly what Barcodehero is doing today.

What is the deal with all of these smartphone barcode scanners and how do you differentiate from the competition in what is turning out to be a very crowded space? How do you decide what features to focus on when developing your product? What are the coming trends in mobile commerce and how do you turn those into revenue?

In this interview with Blake Scholl, co-founder and CEO of Barcodehero, we go deep into this competitive industry (already on its second revolution) and hammer out these answers plus insight into how Blake and his team closed a seed round in less than 6 weeks, Amazon’s secret sauce and a glimpse into what is coming down the road (quickly) for Barcodehero and the retail industry.


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About Blake Scholl
Blake SchollPrior to co-founding Kima Labs, Blake was employee #1 and Director of Product Development at Kleiner Perkins–backed Pelago, one of the world’s first mobile location-based social networks.

Blake started his career at, where he helped create Amazon’s signature personalization technology. During his nearly five year tenure at Amazon, Blake founded the Automated Advertising Group, responsible for getting Amazon ‘sponsored link’ ad placements on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and grew that program into a highly efficient marketing channel generating over $300M in annual revenue to Amazon. Blake also led Amazon’s early efforts in social product discovery and personally built massive-scale systems behind Amazon’s signature personalization technology. Blake holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with honors from Carnegie Mellon University.

Blake is an avid pilot and enjoys the thrill and challenge of high-altitude mountain flying. When his head isn’t in the clouds, Blake can be found on the swing dance floor or reading philosophy.

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