Why you should consider building your own geolocation application for your community – with Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch.me

Lawrence Coburn understands user-generated content.

His company, DoubleDutch.me, builds software that enables other organizations, companies or communities to develop their own geolocation application. While Foursquare and Gowalla focus on the public check in, DoubleDutch brings that capability to the corporate or private network.

What really works for this type of technology is leveraging an existing community to build a user-base for the application instead of building it and competing with other networks. A sound strategy.

This is one of those interviews full of great insight into this nascent industry – even if you are a casual user it is worth the watch just to hear what’s coming down the road.


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About Lawrence Coburn
Lawrence Coburn
Lawrence is an Internet entrepreneur with expertise in user generated content, online community, location based services, widgets, and social media distribution. He’s a pioneer in the user generated content space, and founder of one of the first commercial entities made up of 100% user generated content. Mentor at i/o ventures. Editor at The Next Web.

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